Conscious Vagina

When people hear about this class, they think immediately about the lust copulation, sex toys and similar. This is part of the class, as it is not excluding anuthing, and there is so much more to it.

It is about oneness of you, oneness of your body including your vagina, your penis, and all the body parts, not excluding any gender.

When you have this space that is communion, you as the Being, the Body, the Earth, that is when you are actually being you and allowing everything to gift and contribute with you.

When we start to differentiate what we are aware of from what is true for us that’s when we can have total freedom. 

What contribution can your body and your vagina be to the life you desire to create? What if there were no barriers to receiving from any part of your body?

Join Laleh Hancock as we explore a different world of possibilities with our vaginas, penises, and so much more. You can attend Conscious Vagina Intro 2-hour class, or 1- day class. You can also have a private session with Laleh Hancock, and explore all the spaces you and your body desire. If you have any question, contact us HERE.

Conscious Vagina – The Foundation

Intro two-hour call with Laleh Hancock

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