A Different Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

What is the first thing you think about when you hear ‘Happy New Year!”

New Year’s Resolutions are the number one thing most people think about. All the ways they would like to change their body, health, career, etc.

The biggest challenge with resolutions is that most people have already determined something is broken, bad or wrong that needs to be fixed in the new year. In order to meet the resolution, or to gauge how things are going, people have to constantly judge themselves. Judgment doesn’t create anything. Judgment kills everything. Most people set up some high expectations they do not think they can even reach for their resolutions and then in a short period of time stop or give up on them.

For this year, what if you had a different perspective of the resolutions you had to create?

What if it was not about everything that you have to fix or change and instead it was about highlighting what you would like to add to your life or career?

What we think, we create! It is something that has been proven over and over again. Try these 5 steps instead to see if anything different can be created with your resolutions.

Ask Questions

What would be fun for me to add to my life for 2017? Then write down everything that comes up.

Describe Your Resolutions

With each idea, then write down some detailed words that describe it. For example, if you would like a new job, write down some action words that would describe it. A company that utilizes my skills and promotes employee development and growth. A fun environment that I enjoy going to everyday. A salary that allows me to pay all my expenses and to have additional money for me to utilize as needed.

Bring It Alive

Take each item and ask who can I talk to, where can I go, what else can I be or do to bring it to life? Then follow the ideas that come to you at that moment or later. For example, if you get the idea to call your friend then call them. There may be something that comes out of the conversation that can help you reach your resolution. If you get the idea to walk into a certain store then walk in it. If you get the idea to search something on the internet then search and see where it takes you.

Ask for Greater

With everything that you would like to add to your life, ask ‘how does it get any better than this?’, ‘what else is possible here that I have not even considered yet?’, ‘what other choices are available here?’. These questions have the ability to change the energy of everything to an even greater level and provide you more information and awareness of what else you can add to your life that you may have not even thought about yet.

Be Grateful

Every day be grateful for everything you did at work and at home, every conversation you had, everyone that is in your life, and be grateful for you.

Now what else is possible to be created in your life, your career, your finances, your health, and your relationships for 2017?

Laleh Hancock is a professional services consultant, an entrepreneur of magnitude, a wellness expert, a certified facilitator of many specialties, and the founder and CEO of Belapemo & Global Wellness For All.

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