The Earth¡ - Now & The Future

Welcome to Celebrating The Earth Your Way!

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We will launch Earth¡ on Earth Day! – a global initiative with special guests on the April 22nd via YouTube & Facebook.

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Why was Earth¡ created?

To have a thriving planet for now and the future!

We have an incredible planet that does not require saving. If it desired, it could just throw us all off it in just a few minutes. That said, each of us and our choices plays a role for now and in the future of the Earth.

The closing of the Antarctic ozone hole, the vibrancy of nature- land and ocean, the disappearance of pollution, and so much more that was created in the 3 months of the lock down in 2020 showed how much the planet and nature can heal itself and thrive when we get out of its way.

What if for the Earth to thrive, it did not mean that you had to stay home in locked down? What if it also did not have to be difficult or complex?

Did you know you can heal the Earth just by laughing? Your joy not only heals the Earth but adds joy in the whole universe.

Each person can make a difference immediately! You know the ways you already celebrate with nature and the Earth. What works for you may not work for someone else but hat you are willing to be and the information you share may assist others may inspire others.

So what do you know about the Earth you have not yet considered? What new ideas and awareness do you have that may contribute to a thriving planet?

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What is Earth¡?

An ongoing free program for all ages! The global initiative will kick off on April 22nd with special speakers and will have monthly events.

Is this a program just about recycling or telling you what not to do?

NO! This is not meant to be a place to tell you what to do! It is a place to bring people of all ages to share the ways they celebrate the Earth. Each of us, no matter of our age already have created ways to play and celebrate with nature and the Earth. We would like to hear ways you celebrate the Earth.

We will be sharing ideas and initiatives from kids, adults, and organizations on ways they contribute, collaborate, communicate, and celebrate the Earth.

The Target: Happy Planet program with nature expansion, animal expansion, recycling expansion, joyful expansion, an expansion for all on the planet!


SAVE THE DATE – Earth Day – April 22nd