Help! I Have A New Baby

This is not a step by step manual for what to do with your new baby.  It’s a guarantee that you already know what to do!  Think about it.  Our first language is energy.  When you calm yourself enough to pick up on the energy, you will know what your baby is requiring or desiring.

I can already hear you asking, “So why don’t I feel like that?  I’m so overwhelmed.  I don’t know what to do!” but that is because you are picking up on everybody else thinking that they don’t know what to do, and you think it’s yours.  If you are reading this website, you are the type of person who can tap in to their knowing.

We are all so aware, that we often don’t know what is ours and what is not.  It is when we buy into everybody else’s thoughts, feelings and emotions that we feel overwhelmed; because it is not true for us.  The key to not getting caught up in everything that we are picking up on, and not buying it as our own, is to ask questions.  Whenever you start to panic, or feel uncertain, first:

Take some deep breaths to calm the body,

Reassure yourself that you are competent and capable, and


“Is this mine, somebody else’s, or something else’s?”, or

“Is this true for me?  What do I know about this?”

Then you can deal with the situation at hand and listen to the energy to know which direction to take and just make a choice.

Just knowing that you do actually know what to do will give you the space to make effective choices.  Your choice will give you the awareness of whether it works for you and your baby, or not.  And, if it doesn’t work, you can change it; make a new choice and move on.  There is no right or wrong.