How to Set the Tone of Your Morning to Create an Amazing Day

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What if your day could be more productive and enjoyable than you ever thought?

Most of us have a pretty full day scheduled from the minute we get out of the bed. It can start with taking care of the kids, parents, animals; and all before we step into the office. So what can you do to get the day started right and have a productive day ahead?

I have found that if I add a few extra minutes focused on me before getting out of bed, then the rest of my day goes so much better.

For me, every day is an opportunity to start a clean slate that I can fill with new adventures. No matter what happened the day before, I can be grateful for yesterday; all that I learned and created. And, I know that I can start a brand-new day today. This allows me to not get stuck in the past and really focus on the infinite options that are available for me to choose today.

There are certain questions that I like to ask to get my day started, not to receive answers, but to get the creative energies going.

First, I neutralize any impact the day and night before may have had on me. Have you ever woken up feeling anxious, heart pounding, or have intensity in your body? No matter what you may be anticipating in your day, or whatever happened in your dreams, they can have an effect on the rest of the day, if you don’t neutralize them. Say, “Interesting point of view” five times or more. With each time you say it, notice if you get more neutral.

Second, I connect with the Earth through a mindfulness breathing technique. It doesn’t take long; just 3 breaths. Take a breath from under your feet, have the breath travel up your body to the top of your head and then back down in your body and out your feet into the Earth.

When I do these two things alone, I start to feel like a new person and have a different level of energy to get the day started.

Then, thirdly, I ask some Joy of Business questions to set the tone of the day to what I would like to create. Questions like, “What does my business require today?”, “What do I need to have my attention on today to grow different funding streams for my business?”; “Who or what can I add to my business today to accomplish (fill in the blank for you)”, “What else is possible with my business that I may not have even considered yet?” Make sure to have a notepad readily available to jot down the ideas that come. And, if you prefer using your phone to take notes, don’t check your emails or Skype messages until you are done with this step.

These three steps only takes 5–10 minutes before I actually get up, but it creates magnitudes for me. It also ensures that I don’t get side-tracked with the daily distractions, as the energy of the day has been set for a productive day filled with ever expanding opportunities.

I get that not everyone has circumstances that allows for extra time in bed. Like, when my kids were little, they would come into my bedroom and get me up, so my day would start instantly. But I could still create time somewhere in the morning to do this, such as when I was showering, because it is important to make you, and what you truly desire to create, a priority. So, if you are a person that can’t do these activities before your first cup of coffee, for whatever reason, then make it a priority to add 5–10 minutes in your calendar somewhere, before your day gets started at work.