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5 Healthy Alternatives to “Biting Your Tongue”

By Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Chief Possibilities Officer, Business Wellness Guru, Management and Professional Services Consultant, Executice Coach, Facilitator, Entrepreneur While I consider myself someone who is willing to speak with family with ease, I can clearly recall times in business or in social relationships where I’ve held back, not asked for what I desired, or avoided being… [ More ]

The Importance Of Finding Your Voice (At Work And In Social Settings)

Click here to read original publication. We all struggle at times with revealing intimate parts of ourselves, especially when we cannot predict what the reaction or outcome will be. However, with communication breakdowns cited by therapists as the top reason for marriage problems, 72% of surveyed employees, and 69% of workplace managers saying they avoid speaking up, even when they… [ More ]

Here’s How to Improve Your Social and Professional Standing

Click here to read original publication. In a world of influencers, entrepreneurs, and people looking to make an impact, what will really make you stand out? While many may be looking for that perfect formula for success based on finding the right thing to say to the right people at the right time, interacting this way can… [ More ]


Click here to read original publication. It’s not always easy to find the words when you don’t know what the reaction will be, but just how much do we avoid speaking up? According to research, 72% of employees admit they do not speak up when they feel they should. Whether you were taught at an early… [ More ]

How to Set the Tone of Your Morning to Create an Amazing Day

To read original publication, click here. What if your day could be more productive and enjoyable than you ever thought? Most of us have a pretty full day scheduled from the minute we get out of the bed. It can start with taking care of the kids, parents, animals; and all before we step into… [ More ]

Der Leader in deinem Leben sein

Veröffentlicht auf Pick The Brain und übersetzt im Auftrag von Belapemo und Global Wellness For All. Die einfache Definition von Leader ist jemand der einer Gruppe oder Organisation vorsteht, oder dort der Hauptakteur ist. Ich habe eine leicht unterschiedliche Sichtweise. Ich sehe wahre Führungskraft darin, die Veränderung zu sein, die man in der Welt sehen… [ More ]

Unterwegs Richtung Burnout? Zeit die Spuren zu wechseln!

Unterwegs Richtung Burnout? Zeit die Spuren zu wechseln!  Dem Stress ein Ende setzen und gesund (und glücklich) werden auf der Arbeit und im Business.  Falls dich Arbeit nicht glücklich macht, stehen die Chancen hoch, dass sie dich auch nicht gesund macht. Die Forschung hat herausgefunden, dass Burnout von Arbeitnehmern bis zu 50% an Personalwechsel verantwortet…. [ More ]

Heading Towards Burnout? Time to Change Tracks!

Ending stress and becoming healthily (and happily) engaged at work and in business. If work isn’t making you happy, chances are it isn’t making you healthy either. Research has indicated that employee burnout is responsible up to 50% of workforce turnover. Despite more and more organizations focusing on employee engagement, it seems that not only… [ More ]

Wählen - ist es wirklich so einfach?

veröffentlicht im März 2019 auf Medium Von Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Management Beraterin, Trainerin und Unternehmerin. “Es geht nicht darum, deine Vergangenheit auf den Kopf zu stellen um zu verstehen was „verursacht“ hat das du so bist wie du bist. Es geht darum was du wahrhaftig gerne als dein Leben und dein Business kreieren hättest und… [ More ]

Being the Leader of Your Life

 Published on March, 2019 on Pick The Brain By Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Management and Professional Services Consultant, Facilitator, Entrepreneur.

How to Speak up When You Can’t Find the Words.

 Published on December, 2018 on Third Age By Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Management and Professional Services Consultant, Facilitator, Entrepreneur.