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In this 3rd episode, Laleh Hancock speaks with Marilyn Bradford, an international renowned speaker and best seller author who has bought change and possibility to thousands around the world.

Join in this awe-inspiring conversation where among many other things, Marilyn shares also some pragmatic tools to recover from addictions and…

“Are you ready to choose for you, beyond what you thought or have been told was possible?”

About our Guest:

Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, MEd, CFMW, is a dynamic international speaker, licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist and teacher, and creator of the Right Recovery For You Program.
After many years of seeking something very different, beyond the conventional systems of this reality, Marilyn began empowering herself and her clients with the pragmatic tools, techniques and processes of Access Consciousness – taking the brilliance that has been used to create drama and trauma – the limitations, addictions, obsessive compulsive behaviors, poverty, disease… and instead applying it to possibilities; to create a generative and prosperous life and living from awareness and choice.

Know more about Marilyn´s amazing work here and find her books here.



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