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Welcome to episode 21 – Being a Conector with Dalbir Chana

Dalbir Chana is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Access Body Process facilitator, Access Facelift facilitator, Reiki practitioner, Sound healing practitioner and much more. She has many years of experience in heart full living. She is always learning and teaching others that there are infinite possibilities available to everyone. She believes if we give up all limitations about the past, we can create greater in all expects of our life.

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17 November: Right Voice For You: Intro – Online and live in Dubai:  https://globalwellnessforall.com/2021-rvfy-dubai/

18 November: Conscious Horse Conscious Rider: Intro – Online and live in Dubai: https://belapemo.com/register/chcr-intro-dubai-nov/

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23 November: Being You With Money: Intro – Online and live in Dubai:  https://globalwellnessforall.com/2021-being-you-with-money-intro-dubai

24 November: Conscious Vagina: Intro – Online and live in Dubai:  https://globalwellnessforall.com/2021-conscious-vagina-intro-dubai

25 November: Leaders of Tomorrow: Masterclass – Online and live in Dubai: https://belapemo.com/register/leaders-of-tomorrow-masterclass-dubai-and-online/

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