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Lemongrass Ginger & Citrus Tea is our understated, classic citrus punch!  Organically grown Lemongrass, Ginger and Orange Peel masterfully blended to create this special, citrus herbal tea packed in 50 individual silken infusers.

The finest leaves are selected from small farms around the world, before being taken to the English Tea Shop factory in Sri Lanka, where highly-trained staff create the most delicious blends and hand-pack them. They use a range of modern and traditional techniques to make these unique teas.

Made in Sri Lanka with local and imported ingredients. Certified Organic. Non-GMO. Sustainably produced.

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English Tea Shop

50 Pyramid Silken Infusers

– Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus Tea –

 Lemongrass Ginger & Citrus Tea is our understated, classic citrus punch!  Organically grown Lemongrass, Ginger and Orange Peel masterfully blended to create this special, citrus herbal tea packed with beneficial goodness.

Our delicious range of handpicked teas are a delight for novices and tea connoisseurs a like.

Whatever your mood, we have a tea to suit, from the distinguished Classics, to our health-boosting Wellness Teas, we truly do have a cup of tea for all.

Life is about experiences… experiment. Titillate your taste buds. Lose yourself in our heady creations. 

Key Benefits:

  • Caffeine Free
  • Certified Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Additional product information:

Type: Enveloped Tea

Size: 50 Pyramid Tea Bags


Love, Care & Change.

We work with only the finest Organic and Fairtrade farmers, blenders and producers from all over the world to produce our special range of teas.

Discover ETS Teas

Here at English Tea Shop we produce the most delicious, refreshing and diverse range of succulent teas.
We’re sure you’ll find something new, undiscovered and exciting!


About The English Tea Shop

We love tea, pure and simple.  Our mission is to deliver the best cup of tea around the globe.  From the English Tea Shop to the kitchen table.

Within a span of few years, English Tea Shop teas have become the perfect partner of the tea drinkers across the globe. ETS works with only the finest Organic and Fairtrade farmers  from all over the world to produce our special range of teas. ETS’ own manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka allows ETS to rely upon age-old traditions that, for centuries, have been producing the best teas in the world.The harmonious blends of ETS and time honored healthy ingredients help the consumers with much needed good health with no compromise in excitement. ETS teas are handpicked and crafted to deliver the fullest burst of flavor to its customers. The fantastic feedback and the ratings it receives from the consumers are the major drives of ETS’ success.

We love good tea.

Refreshing, invigorating, robust or soothing, our love for tea infuses everything we do: from blending at our own factory in Sri Lanka, all the way to your freshly brewed cup. But tea is much more than that. We care about everyone in our supply chain. From pickers, to packers, to blenders, to drinkers. Small farming, Organic, Fairtrade and Sustainable are words close to our heart. Not just for the impact they have on our own business, but for generations to come. Do you like it fruity or fresh? Something to pep you up or chill you out? Naturally, we have the classics (our English Breakfast Tea is up there with the best of them) but sometimes everyone needs a Chocolate Super Berry Burst to liven things up. Our tea comes from Sri Lanka to you with love. Tea. Loving. Care.

We know how important tea is.

And we know how important it is to go right to the source. That’s why we founded English Tea Shop, to bring you superb tea from the heart of Sri Lanka. Since 2010 we’ve sourced the best tea from the best farms in the world. Then our team of experts combines them at our own factory to create just the right balance of yummy flavors. After that our tea is hand packed, reducing our carbon footprint. From there it’s a hop, skip and jump over the sea and across the globe – into your cup.

We care deeply about the way our tea is grown and harvested.

‘Sustainable’ isn’t just a buzz word to us – it drives everything we do. We’re proud of our certifications from the Soil Association and Fairtrade International, not to mention the Control Union Certifications and the various other quality management systems. But we go even further. Our teas and ingredients come from small farmers in limited quantities, grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. We are committed to recognize and to tell the world how these small farmers make a huge impact on sustaining the planet’s natural eco system for many generations after us. We pay them a premium on top of the Fairtrade price to make sure they can farm in the most sustainable way possible. Not only that, we take measures to uplift the wellbeing of the farmers and their families. That way, we’ll be able to enjoy their delicious tea for generations to come. And that’s good for everyone.

We’re lucky to work with some of the loveliest and most dedicated people.

As a company, we’re committed to improving the lives of our staff. We call it; “Love Care Change”. At our factory in Sri Lanka we have in-house training programs to elevate the lives of our employees. The subjects vary from English, Information Technology to various Personality and Attitude training and practically important subjects such as tea tasting, farming etc. We also support the local community. We are committed to help the community at large at times of emergency. In addition, we love it when our customers write to tell us about their tea experience. Even if it’s bad. Really. It’s the only way we can keep improving our teas. As our packaging says: “We value your feedback to help us serve you better.”

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