How To Be A Conscious Parent


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As a parent we are constantly having information thrown at us about what it means to be a great, perfect and correct parent. Everything from what our kids should eat, should do, should be, and should have to what our kids futures should become.

The best part is that no matter what our kids choose, this reality tells us that it is our fault, our responsibility and our job to create for our kids.

What if we didn’t have to create for our kids? What if we invited them to create with us? What if we acknowledged our kids and allowed them to make their own choices?

Are you willing to throw away everything that you have had thrown at you to be the perfect parent and have the joy of knowing you are a terrible?

If you are empowering your kids, you are terrible!
If you allow your kids to make choices, you are terrible!
If you invite your kids to enjoy life, to be them and to know that they know everything they need to know, you are terrible!

Are you ready and willing to choose that?