Finding Your Purpose

What is my purpose in life?

The million dollar question.  What is your purpose in life? So many people hit a certain time in their career or the personal life where they start to wonder about this question.  Sometimes it comes when they have accomplished certain things and wonder what is next? Other times it comes when people find themselves unfulfilled with their current situations at work or at home.

One area most people focus on when exploring their purpose in life is what everyone else needs in the world. What if it is not about you finding something that is actually outside of you? What if it is not just about changing a job or a relationship? What if it is not about everyone else and excluding you?

What if it actually starts with YOU? What if it is about you finding what makes you come alive? The joy and the inspiration you are for you and others when you are alive is the magic we are all seeking.

Global Wellness For All practitioners and facilitators work with you to identify the targets you would like to have and provide tools and resources to assist you in changing the roadblocks that may currently exist in your life to not only reach your targets but exceed them.

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