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Creating Greater Wellness With Animals

If you have ever owned or been around animals, you know there is an unconditional kindness and love that comes from animals.  Animals may share their kindness but they provide us with a lot of information and awareness, if we are willing to pay attention.  Even when animals have “behavior issues or health challenges”, it is usually their way of communicating what is going on for them and for you. At Global Wellness For All, we are here to help you explore the world of animals beyond what you may have already considered! 

Visit our Must Reads and read Can Animals Teach Leadership? There are many options to learn more about creating greater wellness with animals, both privately or in groups.

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angel_laleh   Meet Angel – The Global Wellness For You team member

   Since 2016, Angel has been a celebrated member of the GWFA team and is an example of how   to not only survive a traumatic situation, but actually draw upon it to become stronger.

Angel was born in Mississippi, but moved to Dallas, Texas in 2008. Just three years later, she     was swept away from her home in a tornado, and landed in a location some distance away. She was eventually able to find her way back to her farm and reunite with her injured horse friends,   but the event left Angel struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Through the kindness of the people around her, and the gentle application of tools and  therapies, Angel not only recovered, but has come to embody the joy and resilience that is possible after trauma. She currently thrives in the company of friends – both equine and human – and is often called upon for her animal wisdom and magic, to help lift and inspire the GWFA team and clients.


Meet Fluffy

Fluffy is a house pet who is litter box trained and owns the family room.  She is extremely bright and loving, and brings joy to everyone she meets.  Fluffy was born in Richmond, Virginia and has lived in Maryland her whole life.  Fluffy is the perfect companion and comforts people during stressful situations at school, work, or at home.

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