Creating Greater Wellness Through Relaxation

Juggling the responsibilities at home and at work can be a big source of stress in people’s lives. Finding time to take care of you and your wellness may not be number one on your priority list but it is something that is required to relax and charge your personal batteries. The benefits of relaxation are numerous and well documented. There have been many studies done which show the physiological changes in the body that occur when you are relaxed.  These range from lowering heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure, reducing stress hormones, muscle tension and fatigue to increasing the blood flow to muscles, boosting your immune system and improving concentration, memory and mood. Is it any wonder that relaxation techniques should be an essential part of best business practices and a greater quality of life in general?

However, it is not about prescribing what you ‘should’ do or even a matter of ‘one technique suits all’. We can assist you in finding relaxation techniques and tools to manage stress that work for you in your specific set of unique circumstances.

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