Wählen - ist es wirklich so einfach?

veröffentlicht im März 2019 auf Medium Von Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Management Beraterin, Trainerin und Unternehmerin. “Es geht nicht darum, deine Vergangenheit auf den Kopf zu stellen um zu verstehen was „verursacht“ hat das du so bist wie du bist. Es geht darum was du wahrhaftig gerne als dein Leben und dein Business kreieren hättest und ob… [ More ]

Being the Leader of Your Life

 Published on March, 2019 on Pick The Brain By Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Management and Professional Services Consultant, Facilitator, Entrepreneur. The simple definition of “leader” is someone in command of, or the main player in, a group or organization. I have a slightly different point of view. I see true leadership as being the change you desire… [ More ]

How to Speak up When You Can’t Find the Words.

 Published on December, 2018 on Third Age By Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Management and Professional Services Consultant, Facilitator, Entrepreneur. 69% of workplace managers resist communicating with their staff.1 72% of employees say they don’t speak up at work when they feel they should.2 74% of people are afraid of public speaking.3 65% of therapists say breakdown… [ More ]

5 Tips that Will Get Your Voice Heard

Published on Best Ever You on November 26, 2018 Tired of hesitating or hiding? Sick of feeling like no one wants to hear what you have to say? Being heard in the world isn’t just about being chatty, witty, outgoing, or finding an audience who is willing to listen – it is about using your… [ More ]

Right Voice for You - 3 Day Masterclass

Whether you are looking to have the competitive edge in business, hone your craft on the stage, get your business into the world or have more ease in front of others, the Master Class will allow you to master the energetics of being with a room… and fast! Right Voice For You is a workshop… [ More ]

Right Voice for You - 3 Day Masterclass

Независимо от того, хотите ли вы обрести конкурентное преимущество в бизнесе, отточить мастерство публичных выступлений, начать свое дело или открыть больше возможностей в общении с другими людьми, этот мастер-класс поможет вам быстро овладеть энергией присутствия в пространстве! Right Voice For You («Правильный голос для вас») — это уникальный семинар, который поможет участникам отпустить истории прошлого… [ More ]

Finding Your Voice in the World

“Where did you give up your voice in the world and what would it take to get it back?” What if your voice is beyond the words that come out of your mouth? Join Laleh Hancock for a Right Voice For You intro seminar on Thursday, June 7th as she shares pragmatic tools and resources… [ More ]

Finding Your Voice in Relationship

Do you ever find yourself not really being yourself when you are in relationship? Around family? Around Co-workers? Do you decide not to tell others how you really feel because you do not want to hurt their feelings? What if you could stop hiding your voice while and create nurturing relationships? Join us for this… [ More ]