Heading Towards Burnout? Time to Change Tracks!

Ending stress and becoming healthily (and happily) engaged at work and in business. If work isn’t making you happy, chances are it isn’t making you healthy either. Research has indicated that employee burnout is responsible up to 50% of workforce turnover. Despite more and more organizations focusing on employee engagement, it seems that not only… [ More ]

32 Simple Daily Habits That Separate High Achievers From Everyone Else To be highly successful, you need to be highly disciplined

Published in Inc.com January 30, 2018 By Christina DesMarais — Contributor, Inc.com@salubriousdish CREDIT: Getty Images Anyone who has achieved great things in business and life knows that to be highly successful, you need to be highly disciplined. I’ve asked hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs about the things they do every day that help them succeed, and inevitably… [ More ]

How To Keep The Business Moving Forward During A Downsizing

Click here to read original publication. Most companies these days have experienced some kind of downsizing of the organization. The job of the HR staff and leadership during a downsizing is never easy. They need to ensure the downsizing strategy is executed, the legal aspects are considered, while also creating an environment where the leaders… [ More ]

Wellness Series: Learn How To Lessen Your Stress & Pain

As part of the Global Wellness For All Program, we invite you to join us for Learn How To Lessen Your Stress class. What if you could live a life with less stress? What if you could have less pain? What if you could remove the stress that has been locked into your body and… [ More ]

The Link Between Stress and Wellness

The Link Between Stress and Wellness is an interview between host, Eric Michaels from ehealth radio, and Laleh Hancock, founder and President of Global Wellness For All.  As a management consultant with over 30 years experience working with executives and staff of all levels of many varying organisations, Laleh Hancock has discovered that wellness is linked… [ More ]

Stop the Fear of Failure from Holding You Back

Fear of failure is rampant in our society and it’s holding us back from actualizing all that is truly available to us today. Maybe it stems from our schooling, where we were only rewarded for getting it right. And, quite possibly, depending on the people in your childhood, you were ridiculed or punished in some… [ More ]

Can Soap Create The Life You Truly Desire?

Can soap create anything?  It’s really about … This is your life.  Are you choosing it?  Every single minute of every single day? We get so caught up in routines, and busy-ness, that we forget we are creating our lives with every single choice we make.  When we ‘switch off’ and just perform tasks without… [ More ]

Creating The Life You Desire - The Adventures of Being YOU Seminar

Have you been exploring ways you would like to improve your life? A better job, better health, better relationships? Make more money?  The key to changing anything and creating anything in your life starts with YOU. What does it mean to BE YOU? What if it is something different than you ever imaged? What if… [ More ]

Is Your Weakness Actually Your Greatest Strongness - Telecall

Is your weakness actually your greatest strongness? Do you always tend to judge yourself and look to the wrongness of you? What if you were being exactly what was required in every single circumstance? Would you ever congratulate yourself for that? What if you were actually a master of time, rather than a procrastinator? And… [ More ]

Relaxation Technique - The Access Bars®

Do you have stress at home? At work? Do the kids have stress at school or with studying? Do you remember the last moment in your life or at work when you were totally relaxed and did not have a long list of things you had to do? The Access Bars®  is a hands-on and… [ More ]

How To Get The Body You Desire

Ask your body what it wants to look like.  Honestly!  We are not kidding.  Your body has its own consciousness.  You need to work together with your body, as a collaborative effort towards a common desired outcome. TOOLS: What does your body desire to look like?  Every time we look in the mirror, we stack… [ More ]

Can Animals Teach Leadership?

After being home for a week, I realized I had accomplished many things; facilitated a Board training and a Joy of Business leadership workshop, taken a few tele-classes, started some promotional work and new systems for my clients, attended a networking event, created a new marketing campaign for my new business, yet I really had… [ More ]