Laleh's 5 Essential Techniques To Survive The Holidays

Oh boy time sure does pass quickly, it’s that time of year again!  A time that brings joy to so many people and at the same time brings anxiety, sadness, and stress to so many others.

For me the holidays have historically been one of the most special times in the year.  It would start a few months before Christmas as I would start to explore gifts and treats for friends, family and clients.  My most favorite time was catching up with my kids, husband and family on Christmas Day when the rush of the year would actually disappear.

This year was very different.  I knew my kids would be visiting their father for Christmas and our celebrations would be delayed by a few days.  Instead of the joy of the holidays I became even more aware of the unhappiness and stress people experience during the holidays.

In preparation of the holidays, I offered two special gifts for my clients and participants of my classes around the world.  They were tools they can use to relax and rejuvenate while also providing greater ease when they are with family and around others that may be also stressed or anxious during the holidays.

The feedback was so positive that I wanted to also share some of my favorite Access® tools.

There are many things that can trigger an elevated level of stress or upset.  The mad rush at the stores, people fighting for a parking space, the increased level of spending, as well as the most important people in our lives, our families.

The concept of the holidays bring a different level of expectations and projections for most people.  Our families and those around us have the best intentions in getting together for the holidays but sometimes it creates some uncomfortable situations, elevated blood pressures, frustration, and loads of judgment of everything we are not being or doing.

The holidays do not have to be difficult.  Follow these 5 essential tips to be one of the ones that thrive through the Holidays.

Take A Breathe  

Sit in a chair, put your feet firm on the ground and take a breath from under your feet and bring it up to your head then release the breath back down to the ground.  Repeat three times.

Expect Nothing

What we think, we create! If you have any expectations and projections of how stressful, awkward or difficult things will be with your family then guess what, you will create it.  It may not be as easy at the beginning but try this a few times and see how quickly things change.  You can simply say:

“I let go of, and destroy and uncreate, all of my expectations and projections about this ……………….(fill in the blank with the event.)”

Be An Interesting Point of View

Even though you have let go of all your expectations and projections, you may be aware of other people projecting and expecting.  The key is to not to agree with it and not to be on the defensive as that will just be adding fuel to the fire.  When you are with anyone that is projecting or expecting anything, just smile and in your head say:

“Interesting point of view you have this point of view” – continually if you have to until your whole body relaxes!

Make Money From Their Judgements

Whilst the previous three techniques have adequately prepared you for your event, there still remains what to do when confronted with judgment of you; whether it is spoken out loud or simply projected at you.  This is where ‘making money from judgments’ becomes your best friend.  When someone is judging you, become a screen door and in your head say:

‘Thank you very much $5,000 in my bank account’.

The judgments may come in like air but they actually pass through with nothing sticking.  If you react to it and/or resist it, even if only in your head, you are in fact buying the judgments to be real. Instead, remain neutral, so that it just passes through you and you make money.

Plan something fun to do for yourself after your visit with your family

Our families and our work tend to be the priority in our lives.  For once, put you as the priority.  Plan something that brings joy to you and makes you feel alive.  It can be as easy as a walk in the park, enjoying your favorite coffee, having a massage, or reading your favorite book.  Whatever that is for you, plan it for after your holiday adventures.

These tools can actually be used throughout the year and with any occasion.   Try them and let us know how they worked for you.

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