Yoga & Mindfulness

For Stress & Anxiety Relief

Yoga and Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety Relief

By Mónica Sousa Valles

Aim of the course:

Provide valid tools based on breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation and yoga wisdom to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety.

This course is specially designed for helping us deal with difficult times and regain perspective and control while facing adversities, empowering ourselves to navigate through challenges.

Within this 3 week course we´ll cover: 

  • Learn about the impact yoga can have on both our mind and body.
  • Learn suitable sequences and breathing techniques for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, anger and irritability.
  • Learn soothing sequences for at different times and challenges in our lives.
  • Learn suitable mindfulness techniques and meditations to help ease the mind.
  • Learning to both soothe the nervous system and cultivate a sense of empowerment.
  • Sequencing in times of crisis
  • Finding stillness in chaos

Material requested: Yoga mat, a couple of cushions, one towel and a couple of blankets, willingness and good mood!

Material Provided: In the end of the course, you´ll be provided with a training manual.

March 19 and 26 & April 5.

90 minutes sessions


About Mónica Sousa Valles:

Yoga and Yoga Therapy teacher certified by Yoga Alliance International.

 After practicing Yoga for about 15 years I´ve directed my yoga studies to management of emotional states such as anxiety, depression and irritability, and Yoga for Women (fertility issues, menopause and body and mind rebalance for women over 50). My classes combine gentle postures of classical yoga with restorative yoga techniques and mindfulness practices, enabling my students to choose and incorporate simple and different techniques in their daily lives and routines.

Professional Training of Yoga and Yoga therapy Teachers, certified by Dgert and Yoga Alliance International @Yoga Family

Professional Teachers Training  of Baby Yoga and Yoga for Children, certified by Dgert and Yoga Alliance @Yoga Family

Yoga for Fertility CPD @Yoga Mama, UK, approved by Yoga Alliance

Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness for Women CPD @Yoga Mama, UK, approved by Yoga Alliance

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Diploma @Centre of Excellence

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) @Mindfulness Center